Anazonline is an open platform for fresh produce. Anazonline values products that are produced under safety guidelines that protect the environment and the consumer, as per Suborno Good Agricultural Practices (S.GAP).

Our products are available at our retail store in Banani. We provide premium vegetables, local fruits, dairy products, eggs, free-range chicken, river fish & local specialty items, grown both by S.GAP trained farmers as well as directly on the award-winning Suborno Model Farm.

S.GAP prioritizes the use of safe seeds, fertilizers, pest control methods and harvesting, among other factors, in order to minimize the risk of food safety hazards and maximize protection of the environment.

La Plancha is a sole proprietorship of Sharif Masudul Haque that has taken the initiative to set up Anazonline and Suborno Model Farm, to ensure safe food for all.

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